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WindowLED Store

This is a store intended for anyone to sell anything related to the WindowLED. The hope is for this to be open for anyone to post, structured by the community, unbiased by sellers. Currently there are only products of the First Beta WindowLED, and these are the very first products sold, the high priced Earliest Adopter Edition. In the meantime, if you have anything you would like to offer, post it in the product forum. If you want to contribute to the do-it-yourself projects, post that in the DIY forum.

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What's with the cost?

The current Earliest Adopter Edition is very expensive, but the cost will come down a lot, but it will never be as low as floor lamps today. Comparing a WindowLED to another floor lamp is like apples and oranges. It’s like comparing several fluorescent tube lights to a night light. The amount of light is far greater, and the cost per light output (cost per lumen) is the same as any typical LED light source. Another way of looking at it is – you can replace all of your room lighting with one room light, much lower cost, installation and maintenance.

How low can the cost be if I made it from scratch?

If you want to pay $180 for all the raw parts and do it all from scratch, check out or DIY section, and see the links to the raw parts below. The project is centered around DIY, so in a way it would be even better if you made your own than if you bought it from us. It would be great if you made your own, and you can improve the lamp if you find better parts, and told us what you did on the forum, and we’ll try and swap it out and offer your improvement below.

How low can the cost go?

Our community goal is to bring the cost down as much as we can – finding less expensive parts and manufacturing, the ultimate target is to bring the cost of a complete lamp down below $125, and a kit below $100. See all the details in the forum The WindowLED Holy Grail, under the topic Lowest Costs We Can.

Yeah, but why is the price so high right now?

These are the very first products being sold, and we’re making them as they are ordered. This is the Earliest Adopter Edition, like many specialty products, the first items sold are very high. This works the opposite of a kickstarter, where the early birds are less expensive. For anyone buying it, they are investing in the project. After the first initiators, the price will come down.

When will the price change?

After a dozen or so of each product of the Earliest Adopter Edition is sold, the prices should come down, and will go down more the more people buy. It’s possible that we can bring some prices down 30-50% or more after a few dozen purchases. People can also offer less expensive options here if they reach out to us. Group buys are also being discussed in our forums.  Bringing costs down is central to the improvement of the lamp, also discussed in forums.

A little nervous, is this a good product?

This is DIY, it’s like something you’d buy off someone, not a product you’d buy and get upset that it’s not perfect, or it’s not what you wanted. If it doesn’t work at all, you can return it (see below). A goal is to eventually get to the place where people will offer products where people can get upset about them, like department stores or Amazon.

Shipping and taxes?

Right now any time you order your cart, it will be a flat $20 shipping. Eventually there will be a shipping calculator.
Taxes will be calculated based on your address.

When will I get my orders?

Unfortunately, it will take up to 3-4 weeks for whatever you order. Could be sooner, sometimes immediate. The thing is, we have to assemble them as people order them, and we have to be safe, and wait a bit.

Returns and refunds?

Returns are only for products that aren’t working, like it doesn’t turn on or dim. When you get your item, you have 5 days from the day you get it to send it back for a refund. You will have to pay for shipping.

How do we contact you?

Please only reach out to us if you have questions if you need help through email:
If you have any more questions or want to discuss anything, please do it in the forums.






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Earliest Adopter Edition


WindowLED Kit

First BETA Version

Currently the only kit available.
Includes the three assemblies:

(1) LED Assembly
(2) Dimmer
(3) Power Supply




If you ever wanted to buy the three assemblies that are in the kit separately. In the future, as upgrades come out, you can buy the new ones here to replace.

LED Assembly

The LED mount is what you fasten in the shade of your floor lamp after removing what’s in the shade, using the mount it comes with. It has wires that are snapped to the dimmer. An instructional video is available in the how-to section of this website.


Power Supply

The power supply is what takes power from your outlet, and converts it to the power your LED uses, connects to the dimmer, and houses the bluetooth controller. Because the internal driver is currently rare, the power supply is what makes this more possible than anything.



The dimmer has a rotary encoder that connects to the bluetooth module in the power supply downward, and the LED wires upward.



All parts of the WindowLED project are listed below, where you can buy them from us or directly from our sources. If there are any updates to parts, you can switch them out since everything is replaceable.

If you have any questions, first take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and if you don’t find your answer, ask us directly. The limitations are also explained, which are open to suggestions and contributions through our community.

Power Supply Parts List

These are the main components of the power supply, and below are the enclosure parts that house all inside the power supply, and beneath is the enclosure and wiring.

LED Driver

Currently, the only driver we have that meets our needs is ordered directly from a manufacturer, and is not off the shelf. It takes 2-3 weeks to receive, and right now we can’t risk selling any until we have enough on hand. In the meantime, you can try going directly to the manufacturer yourself.

Source: uPowerTek
Part Number: BSR-080-C210-ARE-HA0000
Direct Cost: $104


Not in Stock


The bluetooth module was engineered and programmed to work with the power supply, dimmer and LED. We currently don’t have any available. If you buy parts and solder a module yourself, it will cost you perhaps $105.  You can find the details, design and files on our Github page. Please make any variations and improvements you wish.


Not in Stock


This is a specialty cord that is has six strands, flexible, can carry the right power needs, and is thin enough to go through the lamp.

Source: Igus
Part number: CF880.07.05
Source: TME
Length for power supply: 2 meters
Per Meter, 5 meter minimum: $6.25
Shipping: $9.99
Total: $16.15
Our cost: $3.50

Only Direct

Remaining Power Supply Enclosure Materials








Wall Cord




Strain Relief









LED Assembly Parts List

Below are all the parts that are glued and screwed together, and the mounts for your shade.








Mount Disks


Acrylic Cover




Screws and Fasteners



Thermal Paste



Dimmer Parts

The dimmer is a rotary encoder and wiring soldered to a pcb. The cord and LED wires snap to wiring, with connectors. The pcb design and parts are listed on the github page.






Encoder PCB