The WindowLED Floor Lamp Project

10,000+ Lumens | Full Range to 10 Lumens | Ambient | Open Source

WindowLED Store

This is a store intended for anyone to sell anything related to the WindowLED. Currently there are only products of the First Beta WindowLED Floor Lamp. The hope is for this to be open for anyone to post, structured by the community, unbiased by sellers. If you have anything you would like to offer, post it in the product forum. If you want to contribute to the do-it-yourself projects, post that in the DIY forum.

Question: What's with the cost?

Comparing a WindowLED to another floor lamp is like apples and oranges. It’s like comparing fluorescent tubes to a desk lamp. The amount of light is far greater, and the cost per light output (cost per lumen) is the same as any typical LED light source. A common floor lamp might cost $60-80, but the raw parts alone are $180 and the LED itself is $25. Another way of looking at it is – you can replace all of your room lighting with one room light, much lower cost, installation and maintenance.

WindowLED Kit

First BETA Version

Currently the only kit available.
Kit includes the following assemblies.
*Power Supply
*LED Assembly
*LED Wires
*LED Mount


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WindowLED DIY Kits

BETA Version

With our open source []. You can purchase a full lamp kit to build your own, or a retrofit kit for a lamp you already have. A series of how-to videos and illustrations will guide you. For a full breakdown of every part and all of its costs and options to buy with or without us, and add individual parts, go to [].c



Overview of Kit

Power Supply

The power supply is what takes power from your outlet, and converts it to the power your LED uses, connects to the dimmer, and houses the bluetooth controller. Details of the internals can be found in the [All Parts] page.

LED Assembly

The LED assembly includes a 100 watt LED, attached to a circular disk that is used to fasten to a mount. Details can be found in the [All Parts] page.


The dimmer has a rotary encoder that connects to the bluetooth module in the power supply downward, and the LED wires upward.


The cord snaps connects the power supply to the dimmer, which also connects to the LED. It has an XLR connector on one end to snap into the power supply, and connector on another end to snap into the dimmer.

LED Wires

The LED wires connect the dimmer on one end, to the LED assembly on the other.

LED Mount

The LED mount is what you fasten in the shade of your floor lamp after removing what’s in the shade. The LED assembly then can be fastened to the mount.