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Dim to Bright as Day

The brightest floor lamps today go from 1,000 - 3,000 lumens. Ours goes from 1,000 - 10,000 lumens, as bright as a room with windows on all its sides.

Ambient lighting

Shines up and out and away, as opposed to direct lighting, which shines down on you and in your eyes, and glares.

Full Range Dimming

Dims smoothly across a complete range, giving you total control over the light level.

Bluetooth and Knob

Dims with the lamp knob and your phone and other devices. Just download our app. We are adding custom presets, including automated dimming.

Warm color light

It is really common for LED floor lamps to have really harsh, white light (5000K). Our lamps have quality warm lighting (2700K).


A new kind of lighting

Lights around and behind things and across the edges of your room, in a way not experienced.

Halogen Replacement

Finally, a replacement for the most useful and popular floor lamp ever, the 300-Watt, 6000 lumen halogen torchiere, retracted in the 90s.

No Buzzing

So many lights buzz. Ours don't, they're totally quiet.

Replaceable Parts

The power supply, the LED and the knob are all replaceable.

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