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Replaceable Parts  


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01/01/2020 6:32 pm  

Replaceable Parts

Ideally the LED, dimmer and power supply can be replaced, and with simple or standard adapters. It would also be great if components can be swapped out of the power supply, such as bluetooth and other wireless devices. Items may break or malfunction, and anything degrades over time. Parts also improve and can be used for different desires and purposes. Someone may want to have a brighter or dimmer LED, or one with different natural lighting, authenticity, colors or improvements. Power supplies are changing as well, and offer different options. Often the LED and power supply would have to be changed together because they have certain electrical needs.

The LED assembly is replaceable, but can be improved significantly. It uses two simple circular disks to mount the heatsink to the lamp shade, and it can be screwed or unscrewed. The screwing is a bit tricky and can be made much easier. It would be great if it could just snap in somehow. The LED has a connector that goes through the shaft and connects with the dimmer. The connector is a commonly found standard, and one was chosen that nicely clicks together.

The power supply is not easily replaceable right now, but the inner parts can be replaced by unscrewing the enclosure. Ideally you could unplug it and swap it out like you can with most electronics with power supplies, like most LED lamps or your laptop. If you wanted to switch out the power supply entirely, that would require either removing the cord by squeezing it out or cutting and stripping the wires again. A connector would need to be used that can connect the cord, which has 5 strands, and be able to carry the right amount of power. So far what has been experimented with successfully are XLR cables, like the ones you use for microphones, but ones that can handle the power levels needed (current and voltage).  They can be expensive, but there may be less expensive options out there. The biggest issue is the labor involved in wiring everything to the connectors, and we must find a service that can wire it all together or a simple way to hook up the wires. There may be a simple connector available, like one that’s standard and can simply be crimped together. There may be some simpler intermediate steps, like having a strain relief that can be more easily removable.

As for the dimmer, it can currently snapped with the wiring inside the lamp, and mounted through the hole in a standard way. The connectors are really fat and ad hoc and difficult and clumsy right now, and need to be improved, which should be pretty easy. A new knob (encoder) is needed and may require different mounting, which is discussed with the dimmer section.

Other parts include the parts inside the power supply, especially the bluetooth. You can currently replace everything by screwing it apart and back together again.