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Lowest Costs We Can  


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01/01/2020 6:37 pm  

Lowest Cost

A price goal could be chosen for a full lamp – under $100 would be great, but under $150 may be more feasible. We would have to search for parts and experiment with them. Theoretically, you could bring the cost down to a typical lamp, plus the difference in cost of the LED assembly parts and power supply parts. The separate kit, LED assembly, dimmer and power supply would cost more by themselves.

*A typical LED floor lamp costs $80
*LED assembly parts can perhaps be brought below $25, and the difference in cost with a typical LED floor lamp might be $10, so you can add $15 to the cost.
*The power supply cost can be brought down below $50, including the bluetooth module, and the difference with an existing LED might not be significant. However, it is possible that a much less expensive driver can be engineered, and the additional cost could be brought down to $25.
*The total additional cost would be $40-75 to an $80 lamp, so $120-$145.

These are perhaps some target prices:
*LED Lamp: $125.
– Currently cost of a kit plus an $80 lamp, so $680

*LED Assembly: $30
– Currently: $150

*Power Supply: $60
– Currently: $350

*Dimmer: $15
– Currently: $80

*Kit: $100
– Currently: $600