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My room is a 12 ft cube with white wallpaper. Will I be blinded?  



Is this lamp too bright for my application?

1 Answer

I thought the same thing at first, but when I used it, what I found is that this is not an issue – like with anything, like a stereo, you’ll get a handle on it and know not to turn it up all too high.

I assume you’re interested in it for the lower range control? For a room that big, you’d use maybe the 10-200 lumen range at night and evening, and maybe go up to 5000 lumens during the day, so you’d turn the knob less than halfway. To put it in perspective again, with a stereo, you might generally use the bottom third, and even with the very bottom levels there’s still good control.

This does bring up a really important feature needed – the app should have a couple “lower range” settings. There can be defaults, like a “late night” 10-50 lumen range, a 500 lumen max for evening, and so on, and you can make your own custom ranges. I’ll post a thread about that soon and link to it here.