The WindowLED Floor Lamp Project

10,000+ Lumens | Full Range to 10 Lumens | Ambient | Open Source


These are the assemblies of the WindowLED that you can use to retrofit a lamp or that you can replace, that are listed in the kit.

LED Assembly


Power Supply




Assembled Cord


Additional Components

You may wish to simply replace the LED driver or Bluetooth Connector in the power supply.

LED Driver

Currently, the only driver we have that meets our needs is ordered directly from a manufacturer, and is not off the shelf. It is much more expensive and time consuming to buy it directly from them, and it’s best to buy it directly from us. When the best driver option changes, we’ll update it here.

Bluetooth Connector

As the bluetooth changes, you may want to switch it out. This would require opening the power supply and replacing it inside. All the parts and schematics are openly available to play with yourself and contribute on our github page.